Hildreth Family DNA

A Surname DNA Project That Traces the Hildreth Family Tree

Hildreth DNA Project

The Hildreth DNA project was started in 2001 with the Family Tree DNA of Houston Texas, a worldwide leader in the field of Genetic Genealogy DNA testing and research. Since its inception in 2000, they have accumulated 391,416 records according to their very excellent and informative website www.familytreedna.com.

The Hildreth project was one of the early family DNA projects initiated by Family Tree DNA and it is still very active. A total of 26 individuals have been tested to date. Many, if not all, of those tested for the first time have had additional tests run of various descriptions. The total number of Hildreth DNA Project tests run by Family Tree DNA through September 15, 2012 is 153.


  • To determine if Richard Hildreth b. 1605 in England, d. 23 Feb 1693 in Chelmsford, MA, and Thomas Hildreth b. unk. in England, and d. 1657 in Southampton, LI, NY are closely related, and the time to their most recent common ancestor (MRCA).
  • Permit those with the surname Hildreth, or a variation thereof, to ascertain if they are descendants of either Richard or Thomas Hildreth, or if they descend from another Hildreth branch with a common ancestor (CA) perhaps further back in time.
  • Since the Hildreths are of the G Haplotype, we seek to determine our geographic place of origin.


It is highly recommended that those interested in joining the project or wishing to learn more about it first go to the Family Tree DNA website: www.familytreedna.com. There, one will find just about anything one might wish to know about genetic genealogy. The Hildreth project can be found at http://www.myheritage.com/dna-surname-project/Hildreth.

Hildreth Highlights articles concerning DNA appear in the July 2001, July 2005, and July 2010 issues. All Highlights issues up to and including July 2011 are available on the Hildreth Highlights DVD, first produced and released in September 2011. Hildreth DNA Project Administrator is Jennifer Terrio (hfa@hildrethfamilyassociation.com) The Highlights DVD is available from Jennifer at a cost of $25 including shipping.