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Genealogical Resources

With its North American roots planted in the seventeenth century, genealogy has been a longstanding interest of the Hildreth family. Formal documentation of the family’s ancestry first appeared in 1840 with the publication of Samuel Prescott Hildreth’s Genealogical and Biographical Sketches of the Hildreth Family from the year 1652 down to the year 1840. That volume was followed about fifty years later by Philip Hildreth Reade’s Origin and Genealogy of the Hildreth Family of Lowell, Mass.

Research and publication continue by both individuals and the Hildreth Family Association. Hildreth Family Association Genealogists Richard and Susan Hildreth in Utah maintain and expand a computerized database of family records as they become available, The Hildreth Family Association itself has published genealogical volumes, beginning in 1915. The five volumes record the lineages of Richard and Thomas Hildreth in exacting detail. Informative articles on Hildreth heritage, reunions and discoveries are included in each volume as exact reproductions of the originals.

Much of the published information is now out of print and difficult to locate in the original form. However, the combined genealogical and historical works of the Hildreth Family Association through the twentieth century are available on one comprehensive CD ROM. Dave Ketterer, in association with Dr. Philip E. Hildreth and Todd R. Hildreth on behalf of the HFA, made a major effort towards carefully reproducing the historical Publications of the Hildreth Family Association. Generations of painstaking research are contained on this first electronic publication of the HFA.

The CD ROM's main menu consists of a simple graphical interface which allows the user to double-click on his/her specific area of interest. Publications of the Hildreth Family Association, Genealogy databases, Historical Archives ... Discovering your roots couldn't be any easier than with this comprehensive tool.

The Publications of the Hildreth Family Association are reproduced in their entirety. Nearly eight hundred pages of five volumes are presented in both .pdf and HTML format for cross platform viewing ease. The Publications capture Hildreth genealogy in America since 1635. The .pdf format provides precise reproduction of the originals. The HTML versions allow for easy browsing of the volumes as well as "key word" searching for names dates and places of specific interest.

Nearly 21,000 individual names are included in the HFA Genealogies as recorded by our former Genealogist Julia N. White. The database is presented in HTML format and enables easy searching by descendant lines, surnames as well as individual first names. The Genealogical database presents the ancestry of Hildreths in America from 1605 to today. With each passage, it references source information to enable the researcher to gain more exacting detail and anecdotal information as contained in the HFA Publications.

The database is easily searched by surname to quickly discover the connection between families intermarried with Hildreths. Individuals several generations removed from their Hildreth roots can easily pinpoint the details of their lineage. In addition to the surname index, you can easily search the database by first name as well. First name searches afford an easy alternative to quickly locate a referenced ancestor. The name index also includes summary information for selected entries. Each individual entry in the database includes information concerning ancestry, date and place of birth/death, marriages, offspring and biographical information. The personality of your cousins unfolds through the history of their life profiles. Learn how interesting your family is. 

The CD ROM's miscellaneous archive section contains all of the personal items that give special meaning and character to family genealogy. Photographs of people, places and things bring your Hildreth ancestry to life before your very eyes. Original scanned documents include handwriting in the margins which give added value to historic quality and accuracy. Browsing the contents of the Hildreth family Association CD ROM is just like owning the original resources in your own library. The Hildreth Family Association CD ROM represents the combined efforts of many generations of genealogical research and recording.

At only $30.00 per copy, it is indeed a true value in researching the details of your ancestry. To order a copy of the CD ROM, send a check for $30.00 to:
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