St. Mary's Church, Gainford, EnglandA visit to St. Mary's Church in Gainford, England, an ancestral seat of the Hildreth family


Welcome to the Hildreth Family Association on the web.

The Hildreth Family Association connects Hildreth kin by sponsoring genealogical research, publishing periodicals, hosting reunions and offering this communication platform. The Hildreth Family Association is a very active organization of people named Hildreth or related to someone named Hildreth. Most all Hildreths in America are descended from Richard Hildreth, Thomas Hildreth, and Leonarde Hildrethe. At this time we do not know their common ancestor (CA) but DNA test results indicate a close relationship.

Richard and Thomas Hildreth are believed to have immigrated from England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1635. Richard first settled in what is now Cambridge Massachusetts and Thomas traveled on to Southampton New York where he became one of the founders. However, the first absolute written records proving their existence in those respective locations comes from records dated 1643. We do not know of their exact relationship, although it is believed to be very close. Leonarde Hildrethe b. abt. 1580 remained in England where he died in 1615. Many of his descendants started coming to America in the late 1860’s. Hildreths have spread to all  United States and today number in the thousands.

If you are a Hildreth or are related to one by blood or marriage, you are welcome to join the Hildreth Family Association.

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